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October 2004 Newletter


Dear Friends,

It has been a while since the last newsletter, so I have several new items to tell you about, along with some great specials and exclusive “newsletter” deals!

2004 has been my year of North American travel – although I have traveled a lot in Europe, I had never been either north or south of the US border. This summer I went to Mexico to participate in a language documentation project, working with speakers of a dialect of the Zapotec language in Oaxaca. That area has a rich linguistic and cultural heritage, and is famous for several types of folk art. I especially liked the black pottery, which is similar in many ways to the black pottery from Mohacs that I carry. My next trip, just last week, was north to Canada to exhibit at the Hungarian Folk Fest in Vancouver. Getting there was an adventure, as any good road trip is, but once there it was a fun weekend and a great event, with folk dance groups, bands and exhibitors from the US, Canada and Hungary. My next festival will be closer to home – I will have a table at the Kolo Festival in San Francisco during Thanksgiving weekend. http://www.kolofestival.org

Now here are the new items, some of which are already on the website, and others are so new that I haven’t had a chance to add them yet:

- New embroidery kit! The newest addition to our line of Matyo embroidery kits is the Matyo felt heart ornament, similar to the finished ornament I have been selling. Like the other projects, this one is designed by Maria Kovacs in Mezokovesd, Hungary. The kit is still in its beginning stages, meaning that the instructions and background information are on photocopied sheets instead of printed up as a booklet, and it is English-only. But everything is there, including a wool felt heart with hand-stenciled design, red felt backing, silky rayon thread imported from Hungary, a needle, ribbon for hanging, color photo, and instructions. You can see a picture of the project at http://www.lmntl.com/images/heart_kit1.jpg . I’m selling them at an introductory price of $8.00 each. Since they are not yet on the website, just email me at donna@lmntl to order.

- Blue-dye fabric: During my last trip to Hungary, I was able to attend the blue-dye festival in Nagynyarad, and I picked up small quantities of the fabric to sell. That is finally up on the website, along with a short article on the tradition of resist-indigo dyeing in Hungary. The article is at http://www.lmntl.com/kekfestes.html . I am selling the fabric cut into fat quarters, which for the non-quilters among you, is one-quarter of a meter of fabric, cut as a square instead of a long narrow strip. You can view the available designs at http://www.lmntl.com/bluedye.html .

- Books: Since my brother owns a small book and video store (Alameda Archives in Santa Clara, for those local customers), I have decided to partner up with him and start selling a few selected titles related to Hungary and Central / Eastern Europe. Here is a sampling of titles and their prices:

* The Hungarians: A Thousand Years of Victory in Defeat, by Paul Lendvai. $48.00

* Ballad of the Whisky Robber: A True Story of Bank Heists, Ice Hockey, Transylvanian Pelt Smuggling, Moonlighting Detectives, and Broken Hearts, by Julian Rubinstein $23.00

* Prague: A Novel, by Arthur Phillips $13.00

* We Are the Romani People, by Ian Hancock $19.95

Go to http://www.lmntl.com/bookinfo.htm for descriptions and additional information on these books. To order, email me at donna@lmntl.com and let me know if you prefer to pay by check / money order or online through PayPal. I plan to keep adding titles to this list.

- Documentaries: I sent an announcement out a few months back, but now the two documentaries by Sally Gati are up on the website at http://www.lmntl.com/films.html . “Traditions for Sale”, which is about Matyo embroidery and folk artists, is available in both English- and Hungarian-language versions.

- Shipping Special! For the remainder of the month of October, I am offering free shipping on orders over $30. So now is a good time to buy that black pottery you’ve been admiring, or to pick up a few items for the holidays. This special is only offered through this newsletter, so email your order to donna@lmntl.com instead of using the automated checkout system. Mention the shipping special, and let me know your preferred method of payment.

- Purrfect for Halloween – these aren’t new, but the black cat ornaments are great little Halloween decorations or gifts. I only have a few left in stock, so order quickly! http://www.lmntl.com/christmas.html

Finally, I am excited to announce a new line of products that I will be carrying. The Gulyas Gyapjumuhely is a family-owned business in Pecs, Hungary that specializes in 100% natural wool products. They make yarn for knitting and weaving, and beautiful one-of-a-kind hand-knitted garments for adults and children. Check out their website at http://www.gulyasgyapju.hu . I have a few items for sale already, including adorable baby booties at $12.00 a pair, and wool felting craft packs at $12.00 / 100g pack of assorted naturally dyed colors. For now you can check out these items on their website, then email me at donna@lmntl.com to ask questions or place an order. I will be putting them up on my website soon.

Best Regards,

Donna Fenton
Lmntl Crafts - Hungarian folk art